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The following is our present league schedule. Some of the leagues have links to a downloadable flyer that can provide more information regarding that certain league. If you would like to signup for one or more of the leagues, click on the link below the schedule table and fill it out. Please provide only one form per league.
League Bowler Benefits
  • Discounted Open Play Rates!
  • Pro Shop Discounts!
  • Food & Beverage Specials from Premier Sports Bar & Grill!
Fall & Winter Day League 2017/2018
Type League Bowling Day Bowling Time Number
Per Team
Meeting Start Date
Club 55 Seniors Monday 1:00 PM 4 Aug. 14 @12:00PM Aug. 14
Senior Rollers Tuesday 12:30 PM 4 Aug. 22 @11:00 AM Aug.22
Postal Pacesetters Thursday 9:30 AM 4 Aug. 17 @9:00AM Aug. 17
Color Pin Friday 1:00 PM 4 1:00 PM Every Friday
UPC Saturday 12:00 PM 4 Sept. 12 @ 12:00PM Sept. 12
Fall & Winter Night League 2017/2018
USDA Monday 5:00 PM 3 Sept. 12 @5:00PM Sept. 12
Monday Madness Monday 6:30 PM 4 Aug. 21 @6:00 PM Aug. 21
Pot of Gold Wednesday 6:30 PM 5 Aug. 23 @ 6:00PM Aug. 23
Thurs. Night Leagues Thursday 7:00 PM 4 Aug. 17 @7:00PM Aug. 17
Saturday Mixers Saturday 6:30 PM 4 Aug. 19 @6:00PM Aug. 19

Click Here To Sign Up For Your Leagues!!

Click Here to download a Printable PDF of the Fall & Winter Day leagues and sign up form

Click Here to download a Printable PDF of the Fall & Winter Night leagues and sign up form


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